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The Great Milenko's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Great Milenko

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[26 Apr 2005|06:51pm]

I'm sure if there was something worth updating for, or something going on, people would update. I don't update because there's never anything to update on this...yeah...for. UNTIL NOW! Because I don't wanna be sick (again).
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.... [24 Apr 2005|03:13pm]

Hello! I know there is more then like 2-3 people that joined. You really need to start updateing and stuff. Don't make me come find you and make you sick (like I am).
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... [15 Apr 2005|07:08am]

[ mood | blah ]

This community is starting to seem dead.

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[02 Apr 2005|02:45am]

[ mood | sick ]

*knocks* Hello is anybody home?

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New [06 Mar 2005|11:29pm]

[ mood | bored ]

*waves* Hey whats up!?
Yeah this is the first time I have done this...I don't actually use LJ that often but I will try my best to change that. I have listened to ICP for a year or two. Um...I don't what else to say lol. If you want to ask me something go for it. :)

Ninjette Robin

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[25 Mar 2005|12:14pm]
whats up motha fackos i jsut joind and must say i got mad love for al u los and lettes hit me up on aim at jugganaut25 if u wana chat or anything peace out
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[21 Feb 2005|01:03pm]

stupid fucks
i found a commuunity were a bunch of stupide fucks dis juggalos. they are ignorant shits that do not know what they are talking about.

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wut up [23 Dec 2004|11:28pm]

Wut up i was looking up icp and you showed up hit me back yo....and dont let the name fool you.
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[29 Nov 2004|09:47pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Why is it that when ever I am slightly depressed all I have to do is click on this little playlist labeled Juggalo mix and ALL my problems seem to go away? The world seems so much better after listening to a good dose of Psychopathic. Damn I love bein a Juggalo.

What up Ninjas.


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Ninja's in AZ [12 Oct 2004|09:08pm]

I'm a po' ninja that drives a broke down vehicle. I was hoping that some ninjas around here that were going up to Mesa would give me a lift up there and back. I'll throw in gas money for your good deed.
Hopefully somebody can help me out. I really wanted to see the Wicked Clowns the first time they came around in the AZ area that I was here.

Mood: Hopeful
Music: Run- ICP
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Hey all! Help! [05 Oct 2004|10:32am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey all I made this Message board and would really appreciate some love from the family to get it poppin! Come on all! Help me out! It's for lettes and los only so if you wanna show some carnie luvinz hit it up!

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WILMINGTON,NC AREA [04 Oct 2004|08:50am]

This is jhonny ,i live at wilmington, nc i am looking for ppl that are going to the charlotte show this october 15th tix are 25 buck. so let me know if your going to that :)
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Attention LO's & LETTE's - Need to sell: [03 Apr 2004|03:35am]

[ mood | hopeful ]


Attention LO's & LETTE's - Need to sell:

Hi, I need to sell my Bootlegged in L.A. DVD, featuring ICP in concert - Excellent Condition. As well as my Behind The Paint book by Violent J. The book has lost it's cover and it's pretty used. I am selling these together as a package deal, no changes to be made. Also, I will included a mess load of burned CDs that my ex made me. I no longer want these things because they were from an ex, I as well bought him a lot stuff. I was recently in a car accident and when that happened he cheated on me. I need money because of that accident as well, this is the complete truth, on my life.

Selling all that at the price of $45.00 dollars, which includes your shipping & handling. I am taking a M.O. (money order) only which will be written out to Tara L. McKeon for the $45.00 dollars. Don't forget I am including a bunch of burned CDs (ICP, Zug, Twiztid) as well. Don't miss out and please it's to help me out because I recently was in a car accident and I am desperate for the cash.

Please only comment if you want to seriously buy the set of stuff. I'll provide you where to send the money order, all my info, and when I receive the M.O. you will be sent all that I mentioned above.

Tara Lil' Lette
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Random crap [15 Sep 2004|10:02pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Sup, noticed the place was pretty dead, figured I'd update to make it seem interesting. Lazy fucks...j/k. Anyway, lookin for people to talk to, I think it's AOL or AIM or some shit, all I know is that I have Walmart internet (yeah, they got their own internet), but still, JakeJeckel307 (@WMConnect for e-mail), drop in and say somethin if ya get bored. I'm out.

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[05 Aug 2004|10:57am]
you can see my pics at http://photobucket.com/albums/v160/DeadIrishD/Dan/ if anyone is interested.
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[04 Aug 2004|06:21pm]
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[04 Aug 2004|08:15am]
all of ya'll motherfuckos should join __420
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[02 Aug 2004|12:15am]
Just wanted to say MMFWCL im new so add me or whatnot PcE

oh yeah my names Dan by the way and if any of you motherfuckos got AIM my sn is DeadIrishD

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[01 Jul 2004|11:03am]
hey ninjas and ninjettes..

yeah. dont know what to say.

stay down for life <3
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New community [24 May 2004|01:59am]

Juggalos and Juggalettes alike should all go check out the wonderful new community.... sxy_juggalettes.

You won't be dissappointed!
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