Da Breast Wrangler (preacherman01) wrote in freak_show_icp,
Da Breast Wrangler

Ninja's in AZ

I'm a po' ninja that drives a broke down vehicle. I was hoping that some ninjas around here that were going up to Mesa would give me a lift up there and back. I'll throw in gas money for your good deed.
Hopefully somebody can help me out. I really wanted to see the Wicked Clowns the first time they came around in the AZ area that I was here.

Mood: Hopeful
Music: Run- ICP
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ey homie.

What up, ninja? Where you from? As you might have guessed from my post I'm in Tucson.

MMFCL!! icp rules!

They definitely do. Unfortunately, I have yet to run into any ninjas to help in me getting to a show that doesn't happen in Tucson.