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Attention LO's & LETTE's - Need to sell:


Attention LO's & LETTE's - Need to sell:

Hi, I need to sell my Bootlegged in L.A. DVD, featuring ICP in concert - Excellent Condition. As well as my Behind The Paint book by Violent J. The book has lost it's cover and it's pretty used. I am selling these together as a package deal, no changes to be made. Also, I will included a mess load of burned CDs that my ex made me. I no longer want these things because they were from an ex, I as well bought him a lot stuff. I was recently in a car accident and when that happened he cheated on me. I need money because of that accident as well, this is the complete truth, on my life.

Selling all that at the price of $45.00 dollars, which includes your shipping & handling. I am taking a M.O. (money order) only which will be written out to Tara L. McKeon for the $45.00 dollars. Don't forget I am including a bunch of burned CDs (ICP, Zug, Twiztid) as well. Don't miss out and please it's to help me out because I recently was in a car accident and I am desperate for the cash.

Please only comment if you want to seriously buy the set of stuff. I'll provide you where to send the money order, all my info, and when I receive the M.O. you will be sent all that I mentioned above.

Tara Lil' Lette
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